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Why do we need to hire an interior designer?

Mastering function and space, combining colors, creating furniture compositions, decorations and lightings are all complicated tasks. We can spare your time and funds. Hiring a professional you will save yourself the exhausting going from store to store and comparing prices – we already know where prices parallel quality. You also save yourself the risk of paying for something which is not suited for your place and will neither serve function nor increase aesthetic value. We provide you with the 3D visualization of the project. This way you can see the final result before you actually invest in it. We will create a design to meet your requirements and agrees with your budget, a design with an aesthetic, modern and functional view.

What am I getting for my money?

Our work can generally be divided in 3 main parts:

What if I don't like the project?

When the design idea is created, we present you with its 3D visualization. Together we will discuss and amend it when necessary in order to meet your requirements.

How will the project be realized?

Our projects are 100% feasible. Every detail, furniture piece, decoration, lighting, flooring, etc are preliminary considered and selected. By the time they are included in the project, it is already clear where and how to get them. Our significant experience guarantees we always choose the best products at best possible prices for you.

How much will it cost?

Pricing is individual per project. Let us meet and get acquainted with the site so we can discuss what we could do for you. Contact us and we will create an offer that will be beneficial to all.